Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the website of the e-CAPACIT8 project. We warmly invite you to explore its particulars and hope the project will remain of interest to you, not only throught its duration but also much beyond.

Your e-CAPACIT8 project team



  • 4rd Project meeting i Leuven, 18/04/2016
  • 3rd Project meeting in Krakow, 26-27/02/2015
  • 2nd Project meeting, Kooperationsstelle Hamburg IFE, Gmb H, 28-29/11/2013
  • e-CAPACIT8 project kick-off meeting, Luxembourg, 12/02/2013

Although the project is directed primarily at Occupational Health Professionals (OHPs), it is unfair to say that its deliverables will not prove timely and relevant for other stakeholders too. Perhaps from a different angle, but e-CAPACIT8 is also there for HR managers, employers, social partners, local authorities and many others. Finally, though in the longest term, the project is also for older workers themselves. Here is a more detailed picture of the benefits foreseen for each of these groups:

>> As main users of the e-learning platform, the OHPs (i.e. physicians, nurses, psychologists, ergonomists, safety engineers, prevention advisors, etc.) will benefit from free access to the newly-created and country-specific educational materials,

>> As recipients of project conclusions, stakeholders will benefit from an increased awareness of the actual problem (ageing of the workforce) and solutions, both at national and EU level,

>> As potential patients, older workers will over time hopefully benefit from an improved quality of encounters with their re-trained OHPs.