Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the website of the e-CAPACIT8 project. We warmly invite you to explore its particulars and hope the project will remain of interest to you, not only throught its duration but also much beyond.

Your e-CAPACIT8 project team



  • 4rd Project meeting i Leuven, 18/04/2016
  • 3rd Project meeting in Krakow, 26-27/02/2015
  • 2nd Project meeting, Kooperationsstelle Hamburg IFE, Gmb H, 28-29/11/2013
  • e-CAPACIT8 project kick-off meeting, Luxembourg, 12/02/2013

While we will do our best to turn this project into a success, we are convinced that with your help the project will actually 'go an extra mile'. e-CAPACIT8 therefore offers plenty of room for end-user engagement. Here is just a snapshot of what you can do to contribute:

>> re-visit this website,

>> contact your national partner or the project management team,

>> become our collaborating partner and ask for more promotional materials,

>> attend a national workshop,

>> use, evaluate and disseminate the e-learning platform (from 02.2015 onwards)

>> provide feedback on anything that you find important in the context of this project.

Meanwhile, we hope that the remaining parts of this website will indeed make an interesting read and look forward to welcoming you aboard and jointly adding to the value of e-CAPACIT8.